How To Market Your MLM Business – 4 “Insider Tactics”

If you’re looking for effective and solid ways for how to market your MLM business, then you’re going to want to read this article from top to bottom. In it, I’ll detail four insider tactics for how to market your MLM business.

Most of us get involved in an MLM business and are taught to build our business by making a list of our warm market, conduct 3-way calls and in-home meetings, and to pass out product samples and business cards to anyone we can find who will stop and take them. We are taught that this is how to market your MLM business so we do it, only to find after weeks, months and countless dollars spent that there has been no return on our investment and that those efforts have achieved little (if any) results in terms of building our business and our bank account.

Sit back and ponder for a quick moment how every one of the most successful retailers on the planet markets their businesses. You don’t see Walmart or McDonald’s making a list of their warm market and making 3-way calls to people to get people to come to their stores and buy from them. Although network marketing is a phenomenal business, the ways most of them teach you how to market your MLM business are outdated and ineffective.

If you are serious about learning how to market your MLM business in a way that will create a massive and profitable organization, then you need to learn how to have prospects chasing you instead of the opposite taking place. Here are 4 “insider secrets” and a step-by-step process to make that a reality:

1. How To Market Your MLM Business “Insider Tactic” #1 – Understand The Significance Of Branding Yourself: People don’t buy from companies; they buy from people. When people are buying from you, it is because they are buying into YOU — your expertise, and because they like you (the reason why doesn’t matter). Understanding that it is you they are buying into is a key concept you need to understand.

2. How To Market Your MLM Business “Insider Tactic” #2 – Create Your Internet Presence: Don’t start out by blogging or setting Squidoo lenses or throwing YouTube videos out there. The very first thing that you should do which is “mission critical” to your success, is to create a squeeze page. That page should not make any mention of your company, but should be a really basic page talking about the benefits that your product provides. Keep it simple — just a headline, a few bullets and a place to collect their information.

3. How To Market Your MLM Business “Insider Tactic” #3 – Create And Build A Relationship With Your List: Once you have started to collect names via your squeeze page, you need to create and build a relationship with those prospects who have opted into your list. This phase is critical. Your strategy in doing this — and the most important thing to do at this stage — is to share your content and your expertise without expectation and free of charge.

4. How To Market Your MLM Business “Insider Tactic” #4 – Monetize Your List Without Damaging Your Relationship With them: After you have an established relationship with your list, now comes the money-making phase. This is where you offer products and solutions to their problems. This can be done in a number of ways — teleconferences, webinars, providing actual links in the emails you send them, or invite them to call you for a consultation. This is the phase where you begin generating real revenues for your business.

A big key in terms of how to market your MLM business this way is to understand one really important thing that you need to keep in mind during all these phases — but particularly during the 4th one. The 4th phase will not be effective if the first three phases have not first been adequately addressed.

When you are in phase 4, you want to be sure that in everything you offer to your list to make money, that you always intertwine it with relevant and meaningful content. For example, if you have an hour long webinar you will want to divide it up so that something like 40 minutes of it is good and meaningful content, while just 20 minutes of it is pitching them something.

The objective is that whether or not they decide to buy anything, that they still walk away feeling like you gave them good information (because that is how you keep your relationship with your list in tact). The last thing you ever want your list to feel like is that every time they receive something you they will be asked to take out their wallet (with nothing else included). This will destroy your relationship with your list faster than anything else.

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Small Business Advertising IQ Test – Outdoor Advertising

There are dozens of places that a small business can spend money on advertising. It has been demonstrated by the SBA (Small Business Administration) that on-premise outdoor advertising is the least expensive, most effective method to generate more walk-in customers.

Is your business signage doing the job? Ask yourself the following questions to check your advertising IQ:

  • Some business people spend more money on a cash register to keep their money in than a good sign to pull people in to fill it! Doesn’t make sense, does it?
  • You don’t buy a ¼ inch drill bit because you want a drill bit, you want a ¼ inch hole! You don’t buy a sign because you want a sign, you want more customers, right?
  • Do you think this sign could hurt your business? Well then, what’s the only other thing it could do? Help your business, right?
  • The world of packaging is a multimillion dollar business. Most of the products you sell are packaged to sell, right? The most important package for your entire business is the front of your store! It’s the first thing your customers see and it must convince them to stop in and buy! A new sign makes the best package you could have!
  • Most investors feel that getting their money back in 7 years is a good investment. Most businesses that purchase a new outdoor sign get their money back in a few weeks! That’s smart investing isn’t it?
  • It would be great if you could go out in the middle of the street and personally invite people into your business, wouldn’t it? First of all, you don’t have time and secondly, you might get run over! The next best thing is to invite them in with a sign. Is your signage communicating with your customer visually!
  • Can you imagine going to a major league baseball game, getting out on the pitcher’s mound during the 7th inning stretch and telling 50,000 fans about your business? Would that improve your business? Well right now, you have over 50,000 people every few days passing less than 50 feet from your front door! They are all potential customers of yours! But first, you have to tell ’em what you have before you can sell ’em!
  • If your landlord came in today and made you this offer…”I need some cash right away…If you pay me $5,000 now, I’ll allow you to stay here RENT FREE for the next 10 years!”… Would you do it? That’s exactly what a good outdoor sign will do for you! Make sense?
  • Let’s say that I want to go to work for you…before you say yes or no, let me tell you my qualifications. I’ll work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for the next 10 years. You don’t have to pay unemployment taxes or any fringe benefits. I’llbe the hardest working employee you’ve got! Would you pay me $300 a month for the next 36 months? That’s what the correct outdoor electric sign will do for you!
  • Where is the nearest McDonald’s from here? How about Holiday Inn? Where is Betty’s Ceramics? You see, you know where McDonald’s and Holiday Inn are, but not Betty’s Ceramics and they are on the same street! The only difference is their signs! That’s why successful franchises spend up to $50,000 for their signs, and 80% of a franchises customers are impulse do to the sign. The average McDonald’s locations get over 1800 customers per day. The sign pays for itself in 7 days! What would happen to your business if you had a larger sign out front?
  • People judge the inside of your business by how you look on the outside! If you could turn your business inside out and show people what you have in here, they would flock in… but you can’t. The next best thing is to get something out front that will show people what you do have on the inside! Does that make sense?
  • Some business people spend more money in monthly payments on a credit card terminal than a good sign to pull in those customers with the credit cards…doesn’t make sense, does it?
  • If you want people to come to your party, you have to send them an invitation right? The more invitations you send, the more people that show up! The same is true with your business, the more customers you invite in, the more sales you make! So, if you want their business, you have to ask for it! You have to make it easy for them to find you…without a good business sign. Is your sign the nicest invitation in town?
  • People like to go where the action is. Nobody likes to go to a slow business! Have you ever gone into a restaurant at lunch time and you were the only person there? Makes you wonder why, right? The right business sign will create customer traffic…it will create lots of activity and excitement! That’s what you want, isn’t it?
  • If you came to work one morning and saw two guys out in front of your business building a large brick wall that would hide your business from the people passing by…what would you do? Probably send them away and tear down the brick wall, right? You don’t want anything hiding your business! Unfortunately, you have that situation right now. There is a brick wall is the front of your business, your storefront. All your products and services are hidden behind the front wall. You need to do something to get those products on the other side of the wall where you customers can see them. Does your outdoor advertising have a large logo or graphic that instantly describes your products?
  • A business without a sign is a sign of no business!
  • The more you tell, the more you sell!
  • Some small business spend more money on signs advertising “going out of business” than they spend on signs while in business…and wonder what happened?
  • Your business is located on the banks of a money stream! You have thousands of dollars flowing past your front door! All you have to do is bait your hook and keep it in the middle of the money stream! A highly visible outdoor business sign will catch more customers than any other bait on the market!
  • A good outdoor image can increase the value of your location without increasing your rent one thin dime!
  • Your business will never stay the same. It will either go up… or out. No business remains static. If you think a sign will help your business…EVEN A LITTLE BIT…then by all means, buy one!

Did You Know Singapore’s Government Is Waiting On You and Your Business Venture?

First things first: Singapore has a foreigner-friendly business environment which means only positive things for those venturing out from their home country to seek personal success, financial gain and a booming economy. Singapore has a corrupt-free environment, skilled workforce and easily accessible location making it the ideal spot for a small business to conduct regional and international business affairs. As foreigners take up over 42% of their overall population, there’s not much room to doubt whether or not the country supports foreign business success. The question is, how? So that foreigners can maximize their small or midsized business, here is an easy to read, no-nonsense guide to the advantages of Singapore’s business environment for foreigners.

Whether you’re home country is the USA, England or Australia, there will be many cultural and legal aspects of conducting business for foreigners that have never before been applied. Secondly, you must prepare for the worst and expect the best. With a booming economy and supportive government, Singapore is a thriving environment for businesses as long as you first prepare the legal documents and register in due time. Thirdly, it’s important to invest some time in the nature of their culture. Once you have a firm understanding of their business environment, you have confidence that the Singapore environment is just what you need for your small or midsized business to succeed.

Singapore’s biggest industries of wealth and growth include chemicals, ship repairs, oil-drilling equipment and life sciences. There are eight airports in the country, a train service linking Singapore to Thailand and Malaysia and Singapore has the largest port in the world. The Singapore government is cooperative and encouraging to foreigners conducting business inside and outside of its country by offering lower tax rates and flexible five year renewable work visas. For those businesses conducting entrepreneur affairs from outside of Singapore, the corporate tax rate is a low 10% (as opposed to the higher rate of 17%). For business owners conducting business inside of Singapore, there is a reduced corporate tax rate of 10% as well. Most of all, Singapore’s government is encouraging and accepting to foreigners by instating a corrupt-free and open business culture, with plenty of opportunity to expand your sights and ambitions as far as they will go. When starting a business in a foreign country, the most important ingredient is how accepting their governing body will be, and by starting your foreign business in Singapore, they’ve got you covered.

Business Career Training Programs

The world of business has grown to become a global economic venture. Professionals work to produce high quality products and communication by using the knowledge they obtained through higher education. Students that are interested in becoming business professionals have several degree levels and concentrations to choose from.

The skills acquired through training are beneficial to all students, even students that apply education to careers outside of the business industry. The principles can be applied to almost any field by preparing students to become reliable and intelligent professionals. Colleges offer students the chance to work through programs at every degree level. Several concentrations can be completed allowing students to focus their training to fit their career goals. Colleges offer programs in areas such as:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Global Business
  • Business Administration

This is a limited list of what programs can be completed. Students should research the variety of programs offered and what educational expectations exist for job placement. Some careers, especially leadership positions require students to complete graduate degree programs. Students can work directly through all required levels or gain an undergraduate degree and work for a couple of years. This gives them time to develop professional experience that they can practically apply to education at the graduate degree level.

Working to complete an associate’s degree program is often a basic step to transitioning into a bachelor’s degree program. This is done because most business careers require students to have bachelor’s degrees. A program for business administration, for example, trains students to develop an understanding in management theory, computer technology, and accounting. Courses teach students to take concepts in areas such as microeconomics and financial reporting and apply them to the business world. This is best carried out when students step inside the industry and obtain jobs working for retail, nonprofit, and small businesses.

Entry-level positions in all areas of the field can be entered when students complete bachelor’s degree programs. Training encompasses major key principles like management, accounting, business law, international business, and human resource management education. The focus of this wide range of knowledge is to prepare students for their specializations and careers. The standard curriculum no matter what specialization is chosen requires students to demonstrate the relationships between quantitative theory, economy, accounting, marketing, and human resource management. The successful completion of a program gives students the ability to plan, staff, organize, manage, and direct several areas of a business inside the professional workforce. Further education usually reflects the chosen specialization of students or they can choose one if they worked through general business programs.

Advanced training at the graduate level is offered inside master of business administration or doctoral level degree programs. Students study several areas, which may include courses in advertising, management, leadership, customer relationship, acquisition, and more. Depending on the concentration students learn what is expected inside executive and managerial positions.

Accredited business training provides students with a plethora of educational opportunities and career choices. Students can begin their training by enrolling in colleges that offer the programs they are interested in. Agencies like the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business ( ) can fully accredited the best quality career training programs. Complete a degree program and become a valuable business professional.

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